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Cloudstone Foundation

Experience the Intersection of Art and Nature at Cloudstone

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Cloudstone Metalwork Entry.HEIC

Nature and art collide across the 20-acre Cloudstone Sculpture Park.

Art Adventures


The Cloudstone Foundation Sculpture Park is home to over 450 works of art across 20 acres by accomplished life-long 3-D artist Hank Nelson.

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The depth and breadth of Hank Nelson's work and approach to carving and construction, in the sculptural sense, is both cathartic and awe-inspiring.


With his passing in February 2022, he left behind an expansive and unique collection of sculptures in stone and metal on his 30-acre Cloudstone Sculpture Park on South Whidbey Island.


Hanks’s dedication to stone carving, the environment, and the advancement of educational opportunities in the 3-D Arts is his legacy.



“Use your imagination and don’t be in a rush to ascertain what you see."

- Hank Nelson

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