The Cloudstone Foundation is the vision of sculptor Hank Nelson. Its mission is to enhance the appreciation, education, creation, and advancement of

three-dimensional art.

Cloudstone Foundation was created in 2018 to enhance the appreciation and advancement of 3-Dimensional art through learning programs and tours of the 20 acre

Cloudstone Sculpture Park on Whidbey Island, Wa.

The foundation additonally provides for the preservation and exhibition of creative works by Hank Nelson.

With over 40 years of sculpting experience,

Hank Nelson has created a sculpture park featuring over 400 stone, metal, and cast bronze sculptures and environmental installations that reflect his passion for three-dimensional art.


Henry D. Nelson

Hank Nelson

Art in Place

   As a collaboration of Cloudstone Foundation and Island Bohemians we are inviting artists to participate in a project reflecting on the sculptures and spirit of Hank Nelson’s Cloudstone Sculpture Park on Whidbey Island, Washington.
  The project is to last one year, August 2020 through July 2021. The goal is to creatively capture the seasons and essence of a unique park area containing over 450 sculptural works by Henry D. Nelson.
  Images of work produced as the result of an artist’s visits to Cloudstone are to be collected and published in a high quality book.  

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