The Cloudstone Foundation

The Cloudstone Foundation is a Washington State non-profit organization whose mission is to support the appreciation, creation, and recognition of three-dimensional art through curated exhibitions, tours, workshops, internships and conferences at Cloudstone Sculpture on Whidbey Island, Washington.

Our vision is to enrich the NW region and beyond by providing a destination fine arts park and educational facility that produces 3-dimensional art; an arts facility to enhance public understanding and appreciation of the sculptural process and the work of Hank Nelson.


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Teaser for Whidbey TV's 20-minute feature show on the Cloudstone Sculpture Park

Walk the Whidbey wonderland of 400 sculptures by Hank Nelson, a great article on Hank Nelson and the Sculpture Park in the  Everett Herald

Cloudstone: Where art grows in earth. "Stone is Powerful." Great words to describe the Cloudstone Sculpture Park.

Walk the Whidbey wonderland of 400 sculptures by Hank Nelson, a great article on Hank Nelson and the Sculpture Park in the Seattle Weekly.

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Artist Spotlight - Hank Nelson

"The visual urge to my endeavors is guided by my lifelong curiosity of how the animal kingdom and physical and spiritual matters relate to one another and to the larger universe and displaying this interaction."

Board of Directors

Burt Beusch

Burt Beusch

Board Treasurer

Burt Beusch joined the Cloudstone Foundation board in 2018. He brings considerable expertise in sales and operations following a successful career in residential and commercial furnishings. His career includes growing and reorganizing dealership operations representing Knoll, Steelcase, and Herman Miller.


He first visited Hank Nelson’s Cloudstone Sculpture Park on a clear, warm October day and was smitten from the moment he arrived. Since joining the board, Burt has served as Treasurer, developed Cloudstone’s volunteer program, helped organize annual events promoting Mr. Nelson’s work and leads docent tours every chance he gets.

Burt has been married to Becki since 1992 and has a stepson who is a new sculptor following a visit to Cloudstone. Burt also serves on the City of Langley’s Planning Advisory Board and Civil Service Board in addition to serving as a board member with Langley Main Street Association. He enjoys walking, biking, photography, cooking and sharing his enthusiasm for Cloudstone Sculpture with new visitors.


Mark Jerome

Board Secretary

Mark Jerome attended the University of Washington. Vice President of Sales and Marketing for two companies and founded and was president of a third. His skills include engineering, budget management, manufacturing, sales management, and marketing.

Moe Jerome

Marketing Director

Moe Jerome retired to Whidbey Island in 1997, after a 42-year career at Albertsons. Coinciding with his move to the island, Moe immersed himself back into his first love- ART.  Moe had started at the UW in 1960, pursuing art as a career, when career and family intervened. Moe and Anita have been married for 58 years, have 3 adult children, 6 grandkids and 1 great-grandson (with a hope for more).

Moe has been an active member of the Whidbey Island Art Gallery in Langley since 1997.  He and Hank formed a friendship in 2009 which led to conversations that ultimately formed the Cloudstone Board in 2018.

Cultivating the art community on Whidbey is his passion, and the future of Cloudstone is central to that.  His favorite installation at Cloudstone is 'Passages'.

Learn more about Moe's art: www.moezartgallery.com.

Marty Matthews

Marty Matthews

Member at Large

Marty Matthews is a co-founder and former President of the Cloudstone Foundation. He met Hank Nelson around 2000 and quickly became fascinated with the man, his sculpture, and Cloudstone Sculpture Park. In the intervening twenty-plus years this interest has only grown. Early on Hank started talking about forming a Foundation to be an educational institution for three-dimensional art and to preserve and maintain his work and the Park. Marty took on this objective and has worked with Hank and other board members to make it the reality it is today. Marty has a Bachelor of Science degree in Management Science with graduate work in Operations Research and Business Administration. He has been a Vice President of Finance, President of two firms, and Managing Partner of a third. Marty is married and has a grown son. His favorite piece of Hank’s work is Meshalias, the third of the Dakota-Mahogany monoliths.

Hank Nelson

Board Chairman

Hank Nelson is the creator and owner of the Cloudstone Sculpture Park and the sculptor of over 450 sculptures, the majority of which are located in the Park. He is also the co-founder and Chairman of the Board of the Cloudstone Foundation. Hank has a degree in University Studies with an emphasis in Anthropology and Sociology. While there, Hank took classes in welding, sculpture, and ceramics, so this period in the mid-70s marks the beginning of his interest in sculpture. During the same time, he became a building contractor and built a home that today is considered a sculpture. In the early 80s, Hank went to the University of Washington and studied metal casting in the university’s foundry, followed by a period in Italy studying Marble carving. In 1993 Hank purchased and moved to the Cloudstone property and began producing much of the work that you now see there. Hank is a widower with three grown children, six grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren.

Micki Ryan-Sulich

Micki Ryan-Sulich

Inventory Director

Micki Ryan-Sulich has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems from City University and a certificate in Technical Editing and Writing from the University of Washington. A 20-year career at The Boeing Company included program planning, technical writing, and process analysis.  Her interests include traveling, photography, writing, and cooking.

Cindy Van Gerpen-Henn

Cindy Van Gerpen-Henn

Volunteer Director

Cindy joined the board in January 2020. As a retired physical education teacher, florist and librarian from the Midwest, she brings her, enthusiasm, commitment to hard work, and love of working with people. Her diverse background has given her the opportunity to work with special needs kids; starting the first Special Olympics team in her school district. After retiring from teaching she was an integral part in starting the first library in her town; recruiting volunteers (young and older) to assist patrons.  Her current focus on the board is helping to assist in developing a strong and inspired volunteer program.


In her personal life, Cindy is married to her husband of 46 years, mother of two adult kids, and proud grandmother of her 5-year-old grandson. She had her first awe-inspiring experience at Cloudstone Sculpture Park in August of 2018; her floral and landscaping background kicked in and she was hooked. Time to VOLUNTEER!!


Don Wodjenski

Education Director

Don became a Cloudstone Foundation board member in the Fall of 2018. He taught Visual Arts in the South Whidbey Schools and Photography through Skagit Valley College since 1994, retiring in 2014.

Don is an artist, educator, photographer, author, musician, woodworker, and fly fisherman. Don currently serves on Langley Arts Commission and is a board member of Langley Arts Fund.

Don prefers the stone sculpture found around the park and in the gallery.

Learn more about Don at www.wodjenskicreative.com