Visit Cloudstone Sculpture Park

In support of the initiatives to control the spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19), the Cloudstone Sculpture Park has been closed. Due to the number of unknows, we are unsure when the Park will reopen. Please check back in the future for more details.

Normally, the Cloudstone Foundation provides tours of Cloudstone Sculpture Park; twenty-plus acres of pristine and natural Whidbey Island landscape where you will find an extensive variety of amazing carved stone, cast bronze, monumental steel, and earthworks.

The sculpture park is open to the public twice a year,  April (25th and 26th in 2020) and September (5th and 6th in 2020) when you may come to the park and go on a tour.

From April through October you may make an appointment for a private tour of the park by filling out the form on this page or sending an email to

For both public and private tours, fees are $10 per person (private tours have a $50 minimum).

We would like to visit!
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